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Duties and Responsibilities of Deacons at Faith Presbyterian
How do we make each one of the 1500+ members of Faith feel that they are a vital part of our congregation and not just a nameless face in the crowd?  One of the ways the Deacons address this concern is through our neighborhood groups.  Each Deacon is assigned to a geographical area and is asked to be a spiritual and practical presence in the lives of the members in their care.  The goal of this ministry is to enhance the fellowship and sense of belonging of all members of Faith.

Other duties and responsibilities:

  • Monthly meetings are on the first Monday of each month at 7:00 pm. The meetings last approximately 60 minutes.
  • Attend and participate in worship on the day of Congregational meetings to elect officers and also the day of installation.
  • Attend and participate in the New Officers’ Training Retreat held in January.
  • Provide communication to your neighborhood through:
    • Birthday, anniversary, and get-well cards
    • Bi-annual letters
  • Committee responsibilities of Deacons include:
    • Flowers – memorial services
    • transportation
    • hospitality
  • Attend communion service training provided once a year.
  • Guide the efforts during natural disasters. Phone calls are made to ensure everyone is safe before and after a disaster.
  • Sale of lilies at Easter and poinsettias at Christmas.
  • Planning the annual church picnic.

Duties and Responsibilities of Elders at Faith Presbyterian
While being asked to serve as an elder is a privilege and an honor, it is much more than that.  The persons who become elders are called by God through the voice of our congregation to become responsible for the shared life and ministry at Faith.  The newly elected elders are asked to affirm a covenant for service which is based on mutual trust and a willingness to respect the opinions of other elders relating to the programs, as well as the issues, which are a part of our life together. 

Other duties and responsibilities:

  • Monthly meetings are on the third Monday of each month. The Pastor presides at the Session meetings.
  • Special Session meetings can be called at any time should the need arise for an immediate decision.
  • Each elder is assigned to one of the Session committees. The committees discuss and develop the programs for operation of the Church and take their recommendations to the Session.
  • The various committees meet at the discretion of their members. Results of the committee meetings affecting policy and operations at Faith are submitted to the Session for its approval. 
  • We welcome this opportunity for the Faith congregation to prayerfully make their Elder recommendations to the nominating Committee. You may nominate yourself, if you feel called to serve your church in this way.

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