A will is the cornerstone of a well-organized estate plan.  A will can proclaim your Christian faith and demonstrate you response as a faithful steward to future generations.  There is a “Legacy Society” plaque in the narthex with the names of people who have remembered Faith in their will.  The vehicles people use vary from life insurance policies, annuities, bequests, appreciable assets, real  property, trusts, etc.
    The Planned Giving Committee operates as a sub-committee of the Finance Committee and was created to provide opportunities for members to give gifts to the church through wills, charitable remainder trusts, gift annuities, IRA’s, bequests and similar funds.
      Gifts given in memory of an individual are placed in a temporary restricted fund for Memorials. The Memorial Committee has the responsibility of administering the funds designated as memorials. The Memorial Committee operates as a sub-committee of the Finance Committee and consists of members of the Finance Committee and two congregation members-at-large. As funds accumulate, the committee, in consultation with the family (when appropriate), will select items which are in keeping with the spirit of those who gave, keeping in mind the needs of the church at the time.
        You will receive a supply of offering envelopes. Included in your first mailing is an envelope for First Offering (to cover the cost of the envelopes – $10.00) and the Per Capita offering. The Per Capita offering is a once-a-year opportunity for all Presbyterians to help share the cost of coordination, evaluation, and development of ministries and missional programs for the PC(USA). This year’s cost per member is $9.00 and is divided between the General Assembly, the Synod, and Peace River Presbytery.

          Please contact the church office at 239-542-2858 or email info@fpcfl.org for more information.

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